DuPont Country Club has teamed up with The Omega Project to provide members with world class Rehabilitation and Wellness Services.

The Rehab and Wellness Department has a goal to keep members health and performing at their best. We currently offer Physical Therapy and Chiropractic, and we will begin offering Massage and Acupuncture shortly.

All services focus on individualized care that is always 1 on 1! You do not need to be injured to take advantage of services, but we are fully equipped to help with whatever you need!

The Rehab and Wellness Center is currently located in the Main Club house in the Nemours Room. The Nemours Room is located up the stairs, to the left, and is the first room on the left.

These services are "out of network services" the Rehab and Wellness Center is not associated with any health insurance organizations.

For more information regarding health insurance, cost, and scheduling please contact Andy Strachan at (302) 570-7027 ext. 704 or email,

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