If you will be visiting the Club as a Guest, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the below information. Please note that Guests are required to be accompanied by a DCC Member at all times.


DuPont CC does not take cash for any sales of merchandise or dining on property. Guests may pay by credit card or by charging back to your home club should it be in our system.


It is understood that cell phones are necessary in today’s environment. While at the club, we ask that you use discretion when using your cell phone around others. Please do not take away from the experience of others by conducting personal or business calls within earshot of others. Take a moment to excuse yourself to a private area as to not be disturbed by others. This policy is extended throughout the club to include all courses, practice, and dining areas. Cell phone cameras may be used anywhere on Club property, provided the action is exercised with good judgment and the photos are for personal use only. Members and guests who will be sharing photographs taken at the Club may not share or post material that is disrespectful, offensive, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise unsuitable or inappropriate, or that would cause distress to, or infringe on the privacy of the Club or the rights of another person, including DuPont Country Club members, their families, guests, and Club staff.


Gratuities may be given to staff members for a job well done at the discretion of members and guests.


  • CHANGING SHOES: Please use the Locker Rooms to change shoes and clothing, as the course parking lots are not an acceptable alternative.
  • TRANSPORTATION: For a round of golf on any course at DuPont CC, members and guests have the option to ride in a cart, carry their bag, or use a pushcart (must provide your own).
  • MISCELLANEOUS: Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to fill at the on-course water stations.
  • PACE OF PLAY: DuPont’s Pace of Play Standards require rounds to be played in four hours or less. Be prepared to play at all times. Be ready to hit when it is your turn and feel free to play ready golf. Always rake bunkers and replace your divots. Repair ball marks and prepare to putt while others are playing their ball. Play from the appropriate tees. If you reach your maximum allowable score, please pick up.
  • DUPONT, NEMOURS, and MONTCHANIN COURSES: Please utilize the bag drop on the left side of the main clubhouse when entering from Rockland Rd. A team member will take your bag and place it on a cart. Please proceed to the golf shop where a member of the golf shop staff will direct you from there.
  • PRACTICE FACILITIES: As an option, you may drive to the practice facility on Black Gates Rd. prior to coming to the main building. Please let a range attendant know you are there as a guest of a member, what course you are playing and your tee time. You are welcome to use the outdoor practice facilities prior to your tee time.

Dress Code Policy

The DuPont Country Club dress code has been formulated in a way that takes account of the varied social and sports activities available at the club and the type of clothing typically worn by members and guests participating in these activities, while imposing a reasonable standard of dress appropriate to a private country club environment. The following rules apply to all members and guests at the Club. The dress code may be altered to suit the need of a special Club event with the approval of the CEO.

Enforcement Policy

Staff is expected to enforce the dress code policy. When encountering a possible dress code infraction, the staff member on duty (dining room manager, golf staff, tennis manager, fitness center employee) has the sole discretion to request a change of clothing or refuse access to the facility.

Clubhouse Legends Bar and Grille including Fairway Terrace, Lower Terrace, 1920 and the Golf Center

Casual or office wear are acceptable in all areas of member dining. This includes clothing which is permitted to be worn on the Club’s golf courses and tennis courts. Unacceptable are cutoffs, running or short shorts, torn or baggy jeans, sports bras, and any other items which would be generally considered to be inappropriate in a private country club dining atmosphere. Athletic caps must not be worn in the indoor dining area. Caps may be worn in the bar area and the outdoor terraces but must be worn with the bill forward.


As the Club’s more formal dining room, upscale casual clothing is required here with jackets optional for men.

Lobby, Peacock Alley and Function Rooms

The Club hosts many weddings, meetings and other events with participants in formal or business attire. Members and guests in more casual golf and tennis attire should be aware of this and, if possible, enter and exit the Club from the lower level.

Golf courses, practice areas, and driving range Golf Season

Golfers are required to observe good taste and dress appropriately when using any of the golf facilities. Clothing should be clean and fit properly. Items of clothing such as blue jeans/dungarees, short shorts, mini-skirts, cut-offs, running shorts, tennis outfits, flip flops, bathing suits, health shirts, tank tops, bare midriff tops, sweatshirts, fitness attire, bare feet and excessively baggy or ripped clothing are not considered appropriate. Men’s shirts must have a collar unless it is a shirt designed for golf wear. Ladies’ collarless shirts must have sleeves to avoid similarity to tank tops. Shirt tails should be worn tucked in except for a style that is designed to be worn out. Shorts for men and shorts or skirts for women should be appropriate for golf play. As a rule, for both men and women’s dress, clothing made specifically for golf by traditional manufacturers (Adidas, Foot Joy, PING, Callaway, Lululemon, etc.) is appropriate and acceptable for use on the courses and practice facilities. Pro Shop merchandise can be used as a guideline for what is appropriate attire. It is the responsibility of members to inform their guests prior to their arrival of our policies regarding appropriate attire. Anyone who is inappropriately attired may be asked to discontinue their use of the golf facilities until properly attired. The Professional Staff and golf employees are responsible for monitoring compliance with these guidelines and will notify individuals who are in violation. Please be respectful of our employees who are working with members to adhere to these policies; they are helping maintain an appropriate environment for the entire golfing community.

Tennis Courts

Indoor and Outdoor. Women: Tennis dresses and separates (tops and skirts or shorts) appropriate for tennis are acceptable. Tops can include T-shirts, V-necks, crop tops, tank tops, sleeved or sleeveless blouses. Sports bras, bikini tops, etc. are not allowed as outerwear. Running shorts, cutoffs and bloomer type shorts are not acceptable. Warm-up, training and sweat suits are acceptable. Men - Shirts must be worn on and around the tennis courts. T-shirts, polo shirts and other shirts with sleeves (long or short) are acceptable. Sleeveless tennis shirts with hemmed armholes, tank tops or muscle shirts are not appropriate. Shorts should be designed for tennis. Running shorts, cutoffs and bathing attire are not appropriate. Warm-up, training and sweat suits are acceptable. All - regulation tennis shoes are required.

Fitness Center

Normal exercise or workout clothing is acceptable, and shirts must be worn. These include collar-less tee shirts, muscle shirts, workout shirts, sweat-suits, sweatshirts and appropriate workout pants, including running shorts. Athletic shoes must be worn and must be free of dirt and tennis clay. General Members and guests wishing to change clothes (except for shoes) must do so in designated locker rooms and not in the Club parking lots, other outdoor areas, lobby of Tennis Center, etc.

Membership Information

If you are interested in joining the DuPont Country Club, please email the Membership Office at [email protected].